May 8, 2017

Mother’s Day

I recently downsized. This may sound strange, but downsizing can be brutally fun.  It is a constant walk down memory lane and a beauty contest all at the same time. A lot of things were beautiful, but they had served their purpose and it was time to let someone else enjoy them. On the other hand, each photograph that I picked up had a story and was too precious to discard! There is the photograph of my grandmother teaching in a one room school house.

Followed by the picture of my dad and three uncles with big wads of chewing tobacco in their cheeks.

At the time it was taken, I am sure they were just young men doing what young men do — proving their bravado. Little did they know, it would be a favorite of mine many years later. Other objects got put in the Goodwill box, but absolutely none of the pictures were. Who would even appreciate the story? Who would know the relationships that were portrayed in the image? Who wouldn’t love to see the beauty of family.

Lindy popped in on Thursday and asked if I had any time on Friday to capture her two granddaughters that were visiting this weekend. I had the afternoon available and she had flower girl dresses ready from their aunt’s wedding. Lindy threw in a beautiful lace-like shawl and jumped in a few.

The finale was a beautiful traditional camera aware portrait with her granddaughters.

But the encore and grand finale was when they jumped up for a kiss on Lindy’s cheek.

I can absolutely promise that she would not take for granted that image or the love that she felt from the kisses. It is so easy to see the love and the joy on this beautiful grandmother’s face.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Why not give your mom the gift of a relationship portrait? Yes, it will be meaningful now. But think 10-10-10. Think 10 months, 10 years and even 10 decades. There are people that will value the relationship and the love that I capture in a photograph. They should know that your mom was your best friend. They should see that their child looks a little bit like both of you.

Create a story for future generations.


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