March 31, 2018

Life is good. Capture it.

Willie Nelson had it right when he sang the song “Ain’t It Funny How Times Slips Away.”  This time of year, it seems like life with children turns into a whirling dervish, something like being on a sit and spin with no chance of getting off or slowing down.  There are all the usual end of school activities and the plans for swim team and camps plus the much needed family vacation.   Taking the time for family memories in the form of an image gets moved to the last half of the list.  But images provide memories of another time and planning ahead for a future memory require some advance thinking.

One of the most special memories will be “then and now” matching images.  Images of a young baseball player with teeth missing and hat askew will be matched by a senior in high school or maybe even college on a baseball scholarship will be bookends on the bookcase or fireplace mantel.  One person I know has these pictures with the final one being her son hitting the last homerun at the University of Texas in the Southwest Conference.  Think ahead.  Is there a tutu cute ballerina that some day will be trying out for the Joffrey School of ballet.  Don’t wait to schedule your memories.  I’m just a bit farther down the road than some of you.  You don’t need a million selfies.  You need an image that sums up your happy family even if it was just for 1/250th of a second.  Life is good.  Capture it.


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