September 20, 2017


This little boy’s grandmother has been so good to capture both her daughters as children and now she is passing on the smiles and capturing her three grandchildren. We planned the session to fit a three year old boy’s interests and his ability to sit still long enough to capture something special.

We started with relaxed clothes that didn’t distract and would be in style for a long time. Full lengths capture those cute legs and the close up captures his cute smile.

Betty brought a bucket that has been in her family. We went right outside the studio, filled the bucket with water, bubbles, and his favorite toys.

Kathy blew bubbles and there is nothing more exciting than capturing a giant bubble in your hands.

I photographed each of my grandchildren at age 3 and I find myself humming Eric Church’s song “Three Year Old” as I write this blog. One line is “why go inside when you can go behind a tree.”— or in front of the studio.

SESSION OVER!!!! The photographer, Gage’s mom, and his grandmother are laughing too hard.


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